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The Pond Guys are experts in all things ‘Koi’. Simon and his team at The Pond Guys team are hugely knowledgeable about keeping these beautiful fish.  Before Simon started The Pond Guys, his early fish career was working for the best Koi supplier in the country at the time, during which we helped clients select and keep some amazing fish, as well as learn how to keep them and their ponds happy and healthy.  The knowledge Simon and the team have is well used nowadays as we look after some of the best Koi ponds and collections of fish.  Our service can range from designing and installing your pond, through to selecting fish in Japan, or servicing and maintaining

koi carp in garden pond
finished koi carp garden pond

Your pond to allow you to just enjoy your fish swimming majestically through crystal clear water.

We have experience of all the latest and traditional filtration systems, and can advise you on the best way to both design and then construct your pond, and will often be involved in the complete process from start to finish.  Once your pond is ready, we can then help you to select Koi for your pond, and even take you on a once in a lifetime buying trip to Japan, and introduce you to the many farms breeding some truly amazing fish.

We also offer a full health care service, with microscope mucus testing, treating wounds and scratches, water quality monitoring, prophylactic medications and disease treatments, as well as anything else related to the wonderful world of Koi.

If you have plans to build a Koi pond, or have a pond that you would like some help with, do give The Pond Guys a call.  We are always happy to talk Koi, and will offer help, advice and a full range of services to help you enjoy your hobby!

Regular Maintenance Visits

Monthly maintenance visits, meaning we take care of everything, allowing you to relax, feed the fish and just enjoy your Koi!

Koi Healthcare Visits

Our experienced Koi professionals will diagnose and treat any ailments. We have everything necessary, with professional treatments and expert knowledge!

Specialist Filtration & Pump Systems

We can design and install efficient filtration systems, both pre-made and bespoke systems, with water quality and clarity performance guaranteed.

Filter Cleaning & Servicing

We offer both regular filter maintenance schedules, allowing us to take care of everything, or ‘helping hand’ visits to assist you in your filter care regime.

Koi Buying Trips

The best Koi buying experience – visit Japan with us and visit many breeders all around Niigata (the koi mecca), choosing your own fish from the widest selection available!

Personalised Koi Sourcing

Let us know what Koi you are specifically looking for, and we will use our knowledge and contacts to source the best fish available for your pond.

Blanketweed Treatments

We offer tailored application schedules, using professional grade treatments to both control and prevent blanketweed, as well as nutrient control measures.

Fibreglass Application

The Pond Guys are specialists in the application of on-site fibreglass linings. Ideal for sealing old leaking Koi ponds, through to newly constructed concrete ponds.

Viewing Windows

A relatively new addition to koi pond design, we offer skilled window installation for side viewing of your Koi. However, this often needs a complete pond rebuild!


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If you would like help with your pond or water feature from our friendly knowledgeable team, do contact us. We’d love to be able to help, even just with knowledge and advice!

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