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A pond in your garden will bring pleasure for many different reasons, whether it be the sound of the water cascading down a waterfall, or the sight of goldfish gently bathing under the water lily blooms, or maybe the sight of beautiful koi carp majestically gliding through crystal clear water.  Whatever enjoyment you will derive from your feature, there is nothing quite like a pond to remove us from the stress of our busy lifestyle.  Whichever style of pond you would like to create, we can help you turn your dreams into reality.

Example of our work - the pond guys
A garden pond built by The Pond Guys

We will work with you from the very beginning of the process to help ensure your finished pond provides all the benefits, and is nothing but a pleasure.  Having been called out many a time to correct a badly planned pond, we know how important the initial planning and construction phase will be in making sure your pond is nothing but a pleasure to own.  Our friendly team will offer knowledge and advice based on years of experience, during which we have successfully worked with hundreds of clients, and helping them achieve the very best results from their ponds.  From the initial design before a spade even touches the ground, through to when we add the first fish to their new home, we are there to help you every step of the way.

The Pond Guys service is as comprehensive as you require – we offer a ‘complete’ pond design and construction service for any type of pond you choose, or alternatively we can just help and advise where required – maybe with choosing the perfect lining or a correctly sized filtration system.

Every pond is different, so why not allow The Pond Guys to help you design a bespoke pond that will complement your garden, adding sound and movement which enhances your outdoor space.  Our expert knowledge will help with choosing the right filtration and pump system, pond lighting, aeration, planting, through to choosing a beautiful selection of fish.

We are sure you will find our experienced team friendly and helpful, and our constructive advice will prove beneficial for years after the pond is finished!  We are Checkatrade and Surrey County Council approved, and have many testimonials from happy customers over the years.

If you have a pond project in mind, please give us a ring.  We are happy to talk ponds, we are passionate about what we do, and offer no obligation quotations for anything you require help with on all pond projects, big or small!

Full Pond Design

We can look at your garden and provide some different ideas for your perfect pond, taking into account position, type of pond and what you want from it!

Pond Construction

Our pond construction service will take care of everything from the first spade in the ground, to filling the pond and turning it on, ready for you to add fish and plants.

Waterfall Construction

Would your pond benefit from moving water? We build beautiful natural waterfalls, using a complementary stone to your existing garden, bringing movement to your pond.

Pond Edging

An important aesthetic part of your pond, and needs to make the transition from the surrounding area to the water. Natural rocks, paving, pebbles, we offer all types of ideas.

Pond Size/Shape Alterations

Would you like your pond to be deeper, or larger? Our team will house the fish, speedily carry out any alterations, and have everything back together once finished.

Partly Built Ponds

Maybe you have dug your pond, but need help with the technical aspects? Give us a ring! We are happy to take on part completed projects, or work with you to completion.

Pond Lining

We can install all types of liner from flexible sheet, pre-cast fibreglass shell to onsite resin sealing or fibreglass application for concrete ponds.

Water feature construction

We offer water feature construction of all types, from classic urns in pebble circles, through to fire emitting feature or stainless steel modern design.

Bespoke Filtration Systems

We offer bespoke filtration system design, improving water clarity and quality of your pond, as well as appropriate filter housings and covers.


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If you would like help with your pond or water feature from our friendly knowledgeable team, do contact us. We’d love to be able to help, even just with knowledge and advice!

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