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Is your pond water brown and murky, with your filtration system struggling to keep your water clear?  Maybe you have the well known ‘pea soup’ water, or the dreaded string blanketweed?  Possibly your pond problem is too little oxygen and your pond fish are gasping at the surface?  Whatever your challenge, The Pond Guys are experts at resolving your pond problems.

garden pond filter system
garden pond waterfall

Over many years, we have created beautiful ponds from many neglected, under performing installations, and as such can offer unbiased support and solutions to rectify your pond and set you off on the right track.  Most problems are easily resolved, often caused by a lack of knowledge, and so we are here to help put that right!We offer filtration and pump solutions for any size pond, and have experience of installing, refurbishing and caring for ponds from small 100 gallons garden ponds to large ponds and lakes.

Our refreshingly honest approach will help you in deciding what you require from your pond, and then we can tailor a solution which best suits your needs, as well as explain the requirements of all the different systems available.  Being that we care for a lot of ponds, we don’t just install these systems and walk away – we actually have ongoing experience of how they work and their ongoing care requirements, and so will only recommend solutions we would be happy to work on ourselves!

If your pond pump has finally given up, and you want to discuss which is the best replacement, give The Pond Guys a call.  We offer pond pumps from all the manufacturers, and will happily advise you on all the various options and costs, as well as which we would fit if it were our pond!  When you require this service we are happy to help, and offer fitting as well to make sure any pond pump is perfectly installed and positioned to help your pond thrive.

The Pond Guys also help with lighting,  both in the water and around the edge, as well as fountains, waterfalls, aeration and algae treatment programs, or even protecting your fish with different heron deterrents or childproof covers!

Whatever your requirements, do give The Pond Guys a call and we will be happy to help.

Pond Pumps

We advise on correct size and type, and supply and fit pond pumps from all the major manufacturers including Oase, Pontec, Yamitsu.

Filter Systems

Pressurised filters, drum pre-filters, box and Screenmatic filter systems, we can offer non-biased advice/fitting from all the manufacturers.

UV Clarifiers

We can help you select the correct size unit for your pond, correct flow rates, and ensure they keep your pond clean and clear.

Koi Pond Filtration

We can help you select the right unit for your Koi pond, and keep you informed of all the developments in the Koi world!

Aeration Systems

Whether a small garden pond through to a lake, we supply and fit quality aeration pump systems, correctly sized for your ponds needs.

Pond Lighting

We have experience of all types of pond lighting, whether it be to illuminate fountains, waterfalls, planting or even the fish in the pond!

Fountain Ornaments

We supply and fit a wide selection of classic and contemporary fountain ornaments from leading designers and suppliers.

Pond Edging

We can help re-edge the pond if the existing has come loose or looks tired. We offer advice, inspiration and installation.

Heron Deterrents

We advise on a range of heron and predator deterrents, utilising sound, water or fencing. We supply and fit the correct solution for your pond.

Pond Covers Nets

We supply and fit covers nets to catch leaves and winter debris from falling in the pond, as well as preventing your fish from jumping out!

Childproof Covers

We design and manufacture metal or wrought iron covers, as well as other safety systems for your children’s safety around the pond.

Winter Ice prevention

A range of solutions to help to keep your pond from totally freezing over, and allow the exchange of gases during the winter freezing weather.


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How do I prevent blanketweed?

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If you would like help with your pond or water feature from our friendly knowledgeable team, do contact us. We’d love to be able to help, even just with knowledge and advice!

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