If disaster strikes, we are here to help!

Has your pond water level suddenly started dropping, or maybe you have a long term leak that your water meter has now deemed needs repairing!  The Pond Guys can help.

Maybe your problem is not water level related?  We offer help and advice on repairs of all types, so whether the pump has stopped working,

garden pond relined and empty
Pond after relining repair

the electric supply keeps tripping, the filter is blocked or something completely different, give us a ring and we are sure we can deal with any challenge you throw our way!  We also offer no obligation quotations, and so if you would like us to come and resolve your pond problem and set your pond back on the right track, do contact The Pond Guys and we will be happy to help.

If you do suspect a leak, we will start with a few tests to rule out something simple isn’t causing the leak.  If not, we can then talk you through the pro’s and con’s of all the various options available for re-lining your pond.  We offer all types of linings including flexible PVC, rubber or EPDM, pre-formed fibreglass shells and watercourses, concrete lining, through to top end on site fibreglass.   Our knowledge of ponds and all of the various lining systems means that we can offer unbiased advice on what will be the best solution for your pond, and then take care of the complete project.  Alternatively we can just supply you the liner, with lots of helpful advice!

Over 50% of the ponds we see that are reported as leaking are found to have a problem other than the lining – maybe the pipework has developed a hole or the waterfall has become too dirty and is overflowing at the side.  This is always worth checking before relining the pond – there can be nothing worse than relining the entire pond and then realising it was not this causing the leak!   We can run through all these factors with a series of tests to make sure the repair is required, before then resolving the issue with whatever solution is best for your pond.

If you need help with a leaking pond, do give The Pond Guys a call and we will be happy to help.  Our friendly knowledgeable team are always ready to give support and advice and be there to help resolve your problem, and ensure your pond is soon healthy, clean and happy!

Fibreglass Installation

We offer on-site installation of a waterproof quality fibreglass lining for your old concrete leaking pond, or your new concrete construction!

Flexible Liner Installation

We offer advice and install new flexible liners of all types available including EPDM, PVC and Butyl Rubber. Strong, and protected from sunlight.

Pump Replacement

We supply (and fit) all types of pond pumps from all manufacturers, and also offer experienced advice on which is best for your pond.

Filtration System Upgrades

Is your pond not as clean and clear as you would like? Let us provide a guaranteed solution to improving the water quality and clarity.

UV System Upgrades/Repairs

Does your pond suffer from green water, or started going green after many clear years? We can investigate, specify a UVC and put it all right again!

Leaking Waterfalls

If your pond is leaking water from the waterfall, we can look to see what is wrong, and then re-point, re-seal or replace, depending on the problem.

Fountain Repairs

We can look into why your fountain has stopped working. It may just need cleaning, it may need replacing. Let our experts investigate it for you.

Pond Lighting

Our range of lighting will enhance any pond in the evenings, allowing you to enjoy your pond for longer! We can install lighting of all sizes and intensities, as well as colour!

Pool Side Electrics

A regular problem with ponds, all the electrical boxes need regular checking to keep them waterproof. Our experienced team can help provide professional quality installations.


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If you would like help with your pond or water feature from our friendly knowledgeable team, do contact us. We’d love to be able to help, even just with knowledge and advice!

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