Water feature installation and care from our expert team

If you would like the sound of running water in your garden, but do not want a large open pond, then a water feature could be just the answer!  The tranquil sound of running water is calming and relaxing, and the right size feature will provide a perfect blend of sound and vision to enhance your garden enjoyment.  There are many different options, from foaming jets rising from pebbles, to stately multi tier stone fountains, and even fire magically coming out from the water (see our knowledge centre!)  We can offer a solution from the many available designers and suppliers, or create a bespoke solution unique to your garden.

water feature filter
garden fire and water feature

Our knowledge in selecting the right feature for the space has helped many clients over the years.  Being recognised as the display water experts, we even help garden designers and landscapers with their pond and water feature design and construction requirements.  We will also help with lighting, advise on any filtration system that will be beneficial, as well as the ongoing care of your water feature, to ensure your enjoyment never ceases.  Whether it be cleaning the pumps or fountain jets, or treating the water to prevent algae developing, water features do require a small amount of ongoing care to ensure they keep clean and functioning perfectly.

If you are planning a water feature, or maybe you have one that is not performing as you’d hoped, give The Pond Guys a call and talk through your plans.  We will be happy to help, and we are sure our help and advice will be the best you receive to help you in your pursuit of an amazing water feature!

Regular Maintenance Visits

We offer regular scheduled cleaning for water features of all types and sizes, keeping the water chemical levels correct, and free of algae and dirt.

Full Clean Outs

If your water feature has got a bit out of control and overgrown with algae, let us clean it out refurbish it, returning it to its former glory!

Algae Control system

We offer professional dosing systems to keep your water feature free of algae. Normally suited to larger features, this will ensure they stay clean.

Repairs & Upgrades

If you water feature does not perform as you would like, chat to us! We can advise with how to upgrade your feature, ensuring the result matches your expectation.

Water Feature Lighting

We offer lighting systems (both in water and the surroundings) to highlight your water feature, bringing it to life in the evenings. Fully controllable or automatic systems.


Is you water feature looking tired? We can help. If a clean isn’t enough, we can rebuild or refurbish everything from new lining to pumps and lighting, giving it a new lease of life!


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If you would like help with your pond or water feature from our friendly knowledgeable team, do contact us. We’d love to be able to help, even just with knowledge and advice!

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