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To keep your pond healthy and your fish thriving, maintenance is an essential requirement on all ponds.  Depending on the type of pond the maintenance regime differs, from helping nature to manage a natural pond with no system, through to the regular filter maintenance of a highly filtered Koi pond.  Maintaining a pond with a filtration system is often misunderstood as unnecessary, but the filter’s job is solely to keep the pond clean – we then have to maintain the filter to keep it working efficiently!

During a pond cleaning project
Pond after a maintenance visit

Although every pond has slightly different requirements depending on multiple factors, the basic principles are the same, with the aim to ensure a pond stays clean and healthy, and the livestock happy.  If you would like your pond to be fully maintained, and want no more work other than throwing a handful of pellets into the pond and unwinding while watching your fish, we offer regular maintenance visits to take care of all the ongoing maintenance required on the pond.  We take care of the filters, water changes, equipment servicing, vacuuming and plant/fish care, leaving you to just enjoy your pond.

If you are more hands on, but just require support with the care program, we offer less frequent maintenance visits, or our bi—annual seasonal cleaning program, whereby we visit twice per year and prepare your pond for the summer/winter ahead.  You still need to do the monthly care, but it takes the pressure off knowing we are keeping an eye occasionally.

If your pond has got to the point where a deep thorough clean is necessary, The Pond Guys can totally drain, clean and service everything to restart your pond on the right track.  These can also be helpful if you are installing a new filtration system, to ensure the filter does not get overwhelmed with the existing conditions.

We also recommend this is carried out on all ponds, regardless of the system, every 3-5 years, to keep everything happy and thriving.  We keep your fish in a luxury vat for their holiday away from the pond, and always use this opportunity to check the pond structure and lining.

Whatever your requirements, give The Pond Guys a call.  We are happy to talk through our services and answer any questions you may have.  Our friendly knowledgeable team will always be happy to help, even with just advice!

Regular Maintenance Servicing

Monthly maintenance visits, meaning we take care of everything, allowing you to relax, feed the fish and just enjoy your pond!

Spring & Autumn Cleaning

Periodic extended service visits, during which we carry out the tasks to set up the ponds properly for the seasons ahead.

Annual UVC Servicing

Early season visit to strip down the UV clarifier, check and descale quartz sleeve, check all O’rings and replace the lamp tube.

Pond Drain & Clean

Total drain and clean, removing all silt and matter at the base, as well as cleaning the liner pipework.  Recommended every 3-5 years.

Blanketweed Algae Control

Full treatment using professional treatments to help the battle against the dreaded blanketweed, keeping it under control.

Pond Plant Care

Splitting and repotting water lilies and plants utilising good quality aquatic planting materials, ensuring plants thrive and flower prolifically!

Aeration System Servicing

Servicing and maintenance of aeration systems of all sizes and types.  Replacement aeration diffusers, diaphragms and air lines.

Fountain Pump Maintenance

Cleaning and servicing of fountain pumps and jets, including descaling impellors and nozzles.  Recommended every 6 months.

Filter System Servicing

Servicing & media replacement for all types of filters whether pressurised canisters, multi-chamber systems, box, ‘Screenmatic’ or drum systems.

Pond Vacuuming

Regular pond vacuuming helps in natural ponds without filtration by removing some of the settled silt, ultimately preventing algae.

Pond Light Servicing

We can remove and clean all submerged and surrounding light fixtures, cleaning lenses, checking gaskets and replacing lamps.

Plant Pruning & Control

Removal of abundant oxygenating weed, water lilies and marginal plants from larger natural ponds – best carried out twice per year.


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